A brief history

I got started working seriously with computers when I was about 6 years old. I made my first website around that age. A few years later I got started with JavaScript, which allowed me to build a degree of interactivity into my projects. It wasn't long until just HTML and JavaScript weren't cutting it anymore, and I needed more flexibility. Adding the first proper programming language, PHP, to my skillset.

All that web-based stuff was great, but I really wanted to make applications as well, so I got started with Visual Basic 6. In 2007 I started my university education in Computer Science, and switched my main operating system to Mandriva Linux. From Visual Basic, I moved on to cross-platform C and C++. Later, I again switched operating systems and these days I use Arch Linux.

During my studies, I co-founded the company DDVTech, where I am currently still CTO. Lately I don't have very much time left for side projects, but I still manage to do a few every now and then. I try to work mostly open source, but every now and then I have to make exceptions to that.

Knowledge of programming and markup (related) languages:
Basic = I know the basics and can work in this language efficiently.
Solid = Good knowledge, can optimize code, etc.
Advanced = I dream in this language sometimes.

Visual Basic 6Advanced